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update 2 september 2019 

It was a great event with lots of enthousiast Ka 6 glider pilots.

Astrid van Lieshout  was the winner of the Ka 6 rally 2019 and will receive a  Condor 2 software license 
Condor Soaring Simulator is a product of UBSoft d.o.o.
sponsered by the Condor team represented by Chris Wedgwood   
IMG_20190831_201454 (1).jpg
Astrid recieves from Hugo the “most beatiful ka 6 ” trophy
The TopMeteo price  was won by a young pilot and gliding instructor from the Malden glider center
TopMeteo was demonstrated on a  big screen, we also showed the use in SeeYou.
During the rally,  Condor 2 was showed on a big screen,  connected to a device running Xcsoar ,  the  people where impressed and liked it a lot ..  
Winning Ka 6
The coulorfull skins are really beatiful eye catchers and it is fun to fly with quit a good performance.
just look at the pictures to convince yourself …………………. did you know it is possible to design your own skin (Template ) in Condor ..
PST_0424.JPG PST_0142.JPG
k6groepsfotomalden2019.jpg  The Ka 6 gliders ready for take off in Malden

Informatie voor het Ka 6 treffen 2020 in Nistelrode vind je hier. 

Het zit er weer op, we hadden een paar mooie dagen, de foto’s spreken voor zich zelf.